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  • I love you not because of your shining eyes or your bright smile or your external beauty; I love you for the person that you are, for your beautiful mind, for your pure heart & for your soul that keeps touching my soul every moment since we met. read more

    - Harish R
  • The essence of us belonging to one universe & a solitary world blessed with a unique heart to spread unconditional love is all that is needed for every soul to contribute positively to restore humanity; compassion is the foundation of humanity. read more

    - Harish R
  • मेरी ज़िन्दगी में क्या शोर कम था जो अब तुम भी शांत होगई ! read more

    - Ameya Agrawal
  • All our achievements & the life we live will be meaningless if these cannot add value to living a purposeful life for the benefit of humanitarian deeds which has its foundations on love, care & affection to foster peace & harmony. read more

    - Harish R
  • Not the gold, not the diamonds, not the rubies nor is it available anywhere in the universe that is misled by materialism; true love is found in pure hearts blessed divinely through souls that express themselves silently across the universe. read more

    - Harish R

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