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Crush your ego then you will find who you are. Read full quote


Peace begins when desire ends. Read full quote



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Yesterday deeds is what we are living today and today's deeds alone is going to decide our tomorrow. So, Future is in your hands. Read full quote


The happiest men in this world are child, lunatic and a sage. Read full quote



God is no where, it's within us. Read full quote



The less you respond to negative people, the more peaceful your life will become. Read full quote


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Needs can always be met, but greed can never be fulfilled. Read full quote



Miracles do happen. an ordinary bus conductor is today sharing the dais with greatest living legends of India. Read full quote



Upon seeing some people during my visits to the Himalayas. They seem to have an inner peace and tranquillity that we do not. Read full quote


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Life is full of ups and downs and let's live and do it happily. Read full quote



That is not with me. It is up to the directors to give me roles that might fetch awards. Read full quote

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