Top 10 Famous Quotes by Narendra Modi

Here is the list of top 10 famous quotes by Narendra Modi


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It is my absolute belief that Indians have unlimited talent. I have no doubt about our capabilities. Read full quote


I believe you never get tired by doing work. You get tired when you don't work. When you clean your house, you don't get tired; it gives you satisfaction. Read full quote

Narendra Modi


I fully understand the expectations of the state governments. Thus, I am better placed to work closely with the chief ministers. Read full quote


Peace can only thrive when the climate is right. We remain open to bilateral dialogue with Pakistan on all outstanding issues in an environment free from terrorism and violence. Read full quote

Narendra Modi


Before I became a chief minister, I never thought that one day I'd be the chief minister. Read full quote

Narendra Modi


In every walk of life, you must have leaders. An education in the spiritual world, in the labor field, in the agricultural field, we must have leaders. Read full quote

Narendra Modi


My entire childhood was steeped in poverty. For me, poverty, in a way, was the first inspiration of my life, a commitment to do something for the poor. Read full quote


For me, my secularism is, India first. I say, the philosophy of my party is 'Justice to all. Appeasement to none.' This is our secularism. Read full quote

Narendra Modi


The government's job is good governance for everybody. My government will make policies; if you fit into it, come on board, or stay where you are. My job is not to spoon-feed anyone. Read full quote

Narendra Modi


If you call yourself a leader, then you have to be decisive. If you're decisive, then you have the chance to be a leader. These are two sides to the same coin. Read full quote

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